Were Fantasies Become Memories



Alot of time and effort goes into the way i present myself to you. I expect the same. If or whatever you need to use my facilities to freshen up you are welcome to do so. I might even suds you down myself.

After we exchange greetings, I will offer the use of the facilities for you ro wash your hands. A pouch will be visible for you to leave the your gift to me. I will verify it as i see fit.

Be Open But Respectful
I want you to feel relaxed and welcome and able to be yourself. Id love to hear about your fantasies and desires. Keep in mind though I am still a lady and expect to be treated as such.

Be Aware Of Your Time
I am not going to watch the clock or rush you along. However, I do have a schedule and life outside our time together. Please do not take advantage of my generosity by overstaying your welcome. If you wish to extend our time together, I might be able to accomodate. Just prepare for the additional donation and let me know what you had in mind before our meeting ends.

If you must cancel an engageent please give at least a 12 hour notice. I understand that there are things we can not control but be courteous and inform me whats going on. No call/No Shows will be Blacklisted.