Were Fantasies Become Memories


I like Scarlett
Jun 02, 2019
I travel all over the SE and have tried to find ladies that I'd see again geographically located in the areas I've frequented. BBW are not my thing but I got pulled in by her website. She is one of the few I've seen more than once. I do not partake in FS so I am generally looking for legit attractive providers that offer BBBJCIM. Being the flavor I look for I have sampled a few and I can honestly say she is the best. I've tried some in FL, AL, TN, MS, and GA and some known on this board for that particular service but Scarlett is the best. She's always begging me to sample the rest of the goods but it's just one of my "no's". Having said that, any of you guys know of legit mic skills, let me know, I'd like taking the Pepe's I challenge. You never know when you will run into a true head professional. Scarlett is fun to be around. Likes to talk. She can sometimes get loud and all you have to do is remind her to bring it down a notch and she will. If BBW is your thing or you don't mind at least, she is definitely a good one. She normally is a little late but that seems to be them all.
2nd visit
Dec 23, 2018
I had my second visit with Scarlett. We've communicated a bit since first meeting her so she knew who I was. Set up was more than easy. She was staying less then two miles so I went and picked her up and dropped her off. I will say that my preference is not usually bbw but I make an exception for her. Second visit was even better than the first and the first visit was great. I'm not going to go into detail because she's been reviewed and there isn't much to add. She is very sexy and sensual. Very eager to please and the visit is definitely all about you. Her skills are as good as I've had hobby-wise or other. In fact I think she would like for me to be a bit wilder than I am. Safe, clean and enthusiastic.
One to not miss
Nov 29, 2018
If you don't mind doing some minor screening this is one to not miss. Absolutely mind blowing experience.
Adult look
Nov 26, 2018
Scarlett is amazing. My cock is still throbbing from our encounter. She gives the best bbbj I've ever had. She is quite picky about here clientele, but I am glad she screened me. I had a fantastic time with her and will be repeating.
Nov 24, 2018
Absolutely! Visited her late last week. BBW, nice / convenient location. Absolute best BBBJ ever.
Nov 24, 2018
2 words, Holy Shit!! Great time. Can't wait to repeat. Worth the screening process. Enjoy.
Nov 24, 2018
Had a great dream with scarlett started with DFK, BBBJ, FIV, DATY, CG and finished with k9. She was very easy to carry on a conversation with. I would definitely repeat
Scarlett Raine
Oct 26, 2018
Im glad we made it happen, I had an excellent time, she's a really sexy BBW, and definitely not a clock watcher. She was a little late getting ready, but stayed communicating the whole time so it was okay. The incall was a nice hotel on university, and she opted for a Jacuzzi suite so we took advantage of that. After some conversation and kissing and just general fun, we moved to the bed and she got to work. This girl's head game is incredible. Go! All of you, go. Like Blaze said, top 5 BBBJ in Huntsville no questions asked. She's dirty as hell and she takes direction well. Super vocal, super enthusiastic, super sloppy, it was the most PSE BJ I've ever had. After a while we switched for some DATY, and let me tell you, she's clean, smells good, looks good, and tastes even better. And she loves it if you know what you're doing. After that we moved to the couch, she blew me until I was close and then told me to stand up and paint her face. I obliged. She just stayed down there and reveled in it for a while before getting a warm rag and cleaning us both off. She then asked if I wanted to go again. Overall, it was a great experience and I would repeat. The appointment was for an hour, I stayed for almost 2, and enjoyed every second of it. I will say this, she was kinda loud. Does not have an inside voice at all. And I think she told me she liked food and was Italian over a dozen times. Thats the only downside that I have to report. Go see her!
Scarlett raine
Oct 19, 2018
Well, I TOFTT on this one, and honestly I'm glad I did. First time I had to do this type of screening instead of the normally word of mouth. I wanted 2 hrs which would have been a first on my book, but due to our schedules conflicts, I can only 30 minutes. Which we made the most of it. LOL. We first had lunch at a local restaurant, I opted to pay for it. No big deal. It was so we could get to know each other better. She's the type that if she likes you, you will have a great time cause she really gets into it. If not, she probably will cancel the appt. So we meet back in the room, and she had a nice out fit. I can tell she was ready, we didn't get a chance to DFK, I probably could, but she was more focused on what was in my pants than what was in my mouth. BBBJ She ranks up there in Alabama in the Top 5. No lie. If she's feeling you, she gets real nasty with it and will let you know. She will let you DT and a Russian was awesome. The whole time she will tell you she wants to drain those balls. I wanted to CFS but her head game was too much. After she said she wanted me to "paint her face" well, that set me over the edge. All around the mouth but a weeks worth all over those big titties. She loved it, but here's the kicker, she didn't run and wash like others do, she said "I want some more" and kept sucking until I got too sensitive. Then we cleaned and she cleaned me up with a towel, I had 15 minutes and she said "I got to get some more" after getting a huge load on her already. Yikes! Well, go ahead. She made sure I popped twice did CFS missionary, you will love that cause she's telling all about getting more of you load while you're pumping her. She's vocal and responsive too. Ripped the package off, she stroked and sucked until I gave her another fresh load to play with. Then she said, "but I need some more" I was weakened now. If I have the 2 hrs still, I think I would have just let her have her way and deflate me cause that's what's she wanted. She probably would have gotten two more loads if I did the 2 hrs then how she is, probably see if I can go one more. A little joke, she said on the second load, it was so good, she might want to wear it on her for the rest of the day. Lol! She is fun. Her personality is genuine, if she likes you and you treat her right, she's give you an experience you won't forget. Then the next visit may tailor to whatever fantasy you like, but check with her first if she will be into it. There was a review about her body size. I'm not going to knock it, I respect it cause people have their preference. Nothing wrong with that. As for me, I like thick women. She's not sloppy at all. She's thick and bubbly in the right places. And she's Italian too. So if you're into BBW, you will have a lot of fun with her. Spinners are ok, but there's something about a thick girl that's just so much fun. I've been told that for years, I didn't know it until I experienced it myself. If you like the porno type of experience, then she is up there for you. As far as FS, you have to strap up. No exceptions. Personally I wouldn't have it any other way.
Oct 19, 2018
I did a quick review on her post #722. I will vouch for everything said here. I went through her site and did what she asked and booked online. She was on time ish and her oral test was an A++. I don't do FS from anyone. Just my preference. In light of that I'm only interested in those that will BBBJ. When we met we chatted and I told her how I'd like for the date to go and she said "perfect, I like it when you know what you want. Booked for an hour and honestly, after popping twice with her dope mic skills I was really done and done after 45. With a little chat and massage in between.
Oct 05, 2018
Posts: 90 Scarlett Raine I met Scarlett: easy to get the preliminary check, easy to find her hotel, she was 15 minutes late, though. Then we meet, she has a very beautiful sexy face, but she is overweight, really a BBW. She gives excellent BBBJ, she really enjoys DATY, oh boy she does! She demands cfs. Overall a nice experience, but she is too much for me, I need something slimmer. Good luck and stay safe. MIH.
Scarlett raine
Sep 25, 2018
One this review, I booked for an hour. If you read her site and do what's asked you get a. 20 discount. Sweet, very easy to talk to. Eager to please. Did exactly as I asked. Popped twice and will rebook for sure.
Tried someone new
Sep 01, 2018
Took a risk and tried someone new: https://www.adultlook.com/p/2951567 http://sinfulseductionscarlett.escorts.biz/profile/ She is the real deal. I wasn't sure if she was actually a real person or not because the pics are TGTBT, but she looked better in person even. Not going to post a ton of details, but she does an incredible BBJCIM and more. Damage was $130 for the hhr. She does require some light screening which is done on her website. She is very selective.